Family Health Insurance

Many working families feel that their only choice for family health insurance coverage is through their job. Unfortunately, this group coverage does not automatically mean affordable health insurance coverage.

Approximately 80% of Americans, under the age of 65, are without health insurance. A survey of the uninsured workers inquired as to why they lacked insurance coverage. A majority of people had the same answer: health insurance is just too expensive.

By law, employers are not forced to offer health insurance benefits as part of their compensation package. Many elects to do so only as an incentive to help attract and retain highly qualified and valuable employees. Even once an employer has made a decision to offer health insurance to their employees, the cost of the premiums is still optional.

Many times an employer may elect an expensive insurance plan that is comprehensive, in an attempt to suit the needs of most of their employees. However, for a person not needing this type of extensive coverage for them or their family, they could end up paying more than they need to for family health insurance.

What many Americans do not realize is that they can purchase family health insurance independently, often times at a more reasonable price.

An independent health insurance agent may be able to help you find affordable health coverage by evaluating your needs and searching for a plan that suits their needs, not the group’s needs.

What is your available budget for health insurance? Signing up for a family health insurance policy will cost you a monthly payment, known as a premium payment. Having a clear picture of what your monthly expenses are and how much you can afford to pay for health insurance is important.

Perhaps the first place to start is by determining what you want, what you need, and how much you are willing to spend monthly for such coverage. Determining this begins by evaluating your health. Are you married, and does you spouse need coverage? Do you have children, and if so, are they of the age that will require them to frequent doctors? Do you frequent the doctor or typically require just an annual exam? Do you regularly use prescription drugs or wear eyeglasses?

Based on the information you provide, your independent insurance agent will be able to help you find an effective and affordable health care plan for you and your family – a wonderful alternative to no coverage at all.

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