Estate Planning: Where To Start

Estate planning makes it possible for you to more easily reach your goals when it comes to accumulate and dispose of assets. “Estate” is a common law term used for your entire property, including monetary assets, obligations, and entitlements. Each individual has different goals for his or her estate plan and the estate plan must, therefore, be adjusted in order to fit your specific situation. Most people do however engage in estate planning in order to provide their beneficiaries with as many assets as possible. Estate planning retirement is also a common form of estate planning. In order to make the most of your estate plan, you should always obtain estate planning info from several sources. Since the creation of an estate plan is a broad subject you might have to consult several resources. It is imperative to obtain estate planning info regarding taxes, wills, trusts, tenancy, gifts, and powers of attorney.

A person that has obtained estate planning info regarding taxes can in many cases completely avoid federal estate tax. In 2006, the federal estate tax exemption amounts will change from $1.5 million to $2 million, which means that even a rather uncomplicated estate plan can make it possible to avoid federal estate tax for a lot of households. If you and your spouse have assets that would be subjected to federal tax you should unquestionably seek estate planning info regarding Bypass Trusts. A bypass trust can be an imperative part of a clever estate plan since it will allow you and you spouse to pass on a total of $3 million tax-free. It is not uncommon for people to misinterpret the estate planning info regarding the so-called “unlimited marital deduction” and think that this deduction makes a bypass trust an unnecessary part of their estate plan. If you use the unlimited marital deduction instead of a bypass trust in your estate plan, you will only postpone the taxation. When the second spouse dies, the estate will still contain all the assets but only be eligible for one exemption, which means $ 1.5 million instead of $ 3 million. By obtaining correct and comprehensible estate planning info regarding bypass trusts you can easily change your estate plan in order to avoid this mistake.

Estate planning retirement is also an important part of your estate plan and you should ideally create an estate plan for your retirement as early as possible since you can take advantage of several tax benefits when planning in advance for your retirement. With the correct estate planning retirement arrangements, you can enjoy the retirement of your dreams. If you are married, estate planning retirement is naturally something that you should do together in order to find out which dreams you both have in common and how you wish to make them happen. Star your estate planning retirement by making a clear list of all your assets. Do not be afraid to talk about sensitive issues when doing your estate planning retirement, such as the premature death of one of you. A key factor to successful estate planning retirement is to be clear and honest with each other, and then try to find as much unbiased estate planning info as possible from reliable sources.

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